Christy King

Christy King
Strategic Consultant

Christy spent 9 years as the in-house technology consultant and tech vendor manager for Zuffa, LLC sports entertainment brands, including the UFC® (Ultimate Fighting Championship®) and recently served as COO for a software company serving the production marketplace.

She is currently providing media technology consulting advice, sharing her years of media management expertise to help media-dependent companies make fiscally responsible decisions on technology. She also provides strategic marketing advice for companies who develop products and services for the media industry.

She actively researches, tests and implements new and emerging methods of sharing content and data among media partners in traditional television, live video streaming, mobile technologies, Over-the-Top/Set Top Boxes, internet transaction platforms, and other technologies.

She developed early expertise in “the web” in 1994 when she built a commercial website, one of only 500 commercial websites then existing. Even during the early days of the web, she understood and envisioned incredible opportunities emerging for niche content producers to distribute video content.