Video & Audio Center to Share UHD and HDR Insights at THE Summit

The June 14 Transforming Home Entertainment (THE) Summit in Los Angeles is all about bringing a focus on the ways home entertainment are changing. And there may not be anyone out there who knows more about how it’s changed over the years than Tom Campbell.

In the keynote conversation “A View from the Front Lines of UHD and HDR,” the corporate director of the Video & Audio Center in Santa Monica, Calif. will share his company’s experiences rolling out new home entertainment formats over the years, most recently being the very first company to sell Ultra High-Def (UHD) Blu-ray Disc players.

Working with leading consumer electronics companies, Video & Audio Center has been instrumental in the national launch of numerous products, covering the CDs, GPS, camcorders, DVD and 4K TVs.

With the recent roll out of new UHD Blu-ray and high dynamic range (HDR) products, they’ve already had more direct consumer feedback on these advanced video technologies than any other retailer in the world.

In addition to sharing a presentation showing Video & Audio Center’s UHD Blu-ray press conference and launch, along with consumer reaction, Campbell will tackle the questions on the minds of major studios: What do his customers think and do they appreciate the difference that this premium consumer video experience makes?

The 2016 THE Summit is produced by the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA), and will be sponsored by My Eye Media, Rovi and Deluxe. To register, click here.